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The Spotted Owl:

A Derek Riley Novel

Derek Riley spent nearly his entire life in the service, most of that time in special operations. He was the tip of the spear in one of the most clandestine teams in the government. Things are about to change. Now, nearing the end of his career, a corrupt government agent named Smith has ordered Derek to assassinate a struggling anthropologist before she discovers the truth behind a global conspiracy.


Susan Parker has been humiliated by the media and abandoned by her university, but she remains steadfast in her beliefs. That is when she finds herself caught between trusting a man she has only just met and forces beyond her control. The Spotted Owl: A Derek Riley Novel follows Derek and Susan as they go on the run after being framed for murders they did not commit. Where once he was surrounded by equally trained and lethal men, Derek's only backup is Susan until the couple turns to Derek's past for help. To defeat an ever-widening government conspiracy, they work to clear their names, save their lives, and protect innocent victims once thought to be only myth.

Book cover for The Spotted Owl by Kyle Hiller


"A novel you won't want to put down! twists and turns that keep you wanting to find out the next chapter. I hope this author writes a sequel to this book."



"If you like a good conspiracy theory, Kyle Hiller ticks ALL of the boxes! I want more, for sure."

The Professor's Daughter


"Kyle does a tremendous job blending conspiracy, religion, cultural, and mythological folklore into a compelling story you won’t want to put down."

Mark & Trish


A wonderfully well-woven story with twists and turns that you aren’t expecting. The author has well developed characters whom you love…and some you hate. But each one you come to know well.
The plot is intriguing. If you love cliff hangers and mystery, this is for you, but hard to put down. I look forward to the next book from this author.

Kathy O'Guinn


One of the best books I’ve read. From the prolog the author keeps your interest, giving you just enough information about certain places to make you question could they be real? The author is able to paint pictures in your mind with his descriptions that you can actually picture yourself in the moment with the characters as if watching a movie. The ending leaves you wanting more! There has to be a sequel to this book if not even a series. You will not be disappointed .



Spotted Owl

End Game:

A Derek Riley Novel

Book cover for End Game by Kyle Hiller

A year earlier, Derek Riley, a former special operations Marine, had been working for the Department of Energy. His unique job assignment had him crossing paths with Doctor Susan Parker, an established professor of anthropology for Washington State University. His life was turned upside down when a sadistic government agent gave him an order he could not fulfill. Framed for murder, their lives became thrust together when this unlikely couple were forced to go on the run. Not only was every federal and state law enforcement agency looking for them, but they were also being hunted by a secret group of government assassins.

Having gone into hiding, Derek and Susan nearly disappeared. That is, when one mistake caught up with them. Now, faced with a choice between a lifetime in prison, or working for the same people who had them framed, they have few alternatives. To secure their freedoms, and prevent a world-wide catastrophe, they must risk everything, including each other.


End Game



Photo: © Shelli Olin

Kyle Hiller has been actively involved in the military, law enforcement, special operations, and intelligence communities for forty years. Hiller has traveled to over fifty different countries on five separate continents, mostly in support of government activities. He has fought in two different wars, conducted hostage rescue operations, arrested numerous violent predatory criminals, and worked in a Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), conducting foreign counterintelligence (FCI) and counterterrorism (CT) actions. Hiller has held concurrent Top Secret (SCI, SI, TK, and Gamma) and "Q" level clearances. He currently holds the rank of Colonel and leads a team of specialized instructors tasked with training a highly capable tactical unit. Hiller resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and family.


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